I Am From Poem

Where I’m From
I am from stuffed bears. From bedrooms and TV.
I am from a tannish house with tables and a slider.
I am from broccoli and pizza.
I am from egg hunting and a creative house.
I am from “let’s get this show on the road!” and “Chop! Chop!”
I am from Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss.
I am from the dogs that make a mess but I feel good for my dogs.
I am from going to my friend’s house.
I am from Boscawen, New Hampshire.
I am from wearing fashionable shirts.

Candy Heart Science

We did an experiment  with candy heart. what happens when we put candy hearts when salt water?  first,the salt water is chaning colors. Next the candy hearts are spreding apart. Then, the hearts were changing colarse.  Finally,the water was fizzy. Will the candy hearts melt?